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E.E.N.® therapy, complementary health care

E.E.N.® therapy is an abbreviation of Eclectic Energetic Natural Medicine. The meaning of the word eclectic is "to get the best out of all systems and at the same time see the Oneness in it". In the world there are three main streams in medicine: Eastern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine TCM and Western regular and naturopathy. As an E.E.N.® therapist I combine these three streams.

The E.E.N.® therapy is a holistic medicine, which focuses on balancing body, mind and consciousness (soul) of the client. The E.E.N.® therapy works from the energy and on the physical body and offers a symptomatic - tailor-made - treatment, while the cause is sought on the level of consciousness.

The E.E.N.® therapy is energetic in nature and works from the meridian and chakras system. When there is a disturbance in the body it can also be found at the chakra level and in the meridian system. Blockages can be detected at the energetic/emotional/physical level in the energy system and body and the energy can be restored. The concepts of yin and yang express disturbances in dynamics and balance (yin is too little and yang is too much energy).

shakra treatment

The treatment is a causally directed therapy. The diagnosis is made through kinesiology, pulse diagnostics, dowsing and psychonomy and an extensive anamnesis. Within the E.E.N® therapy various supportive therapies are used.

The therapy further consists of the treatment of nutritional intolerances, drainage problems, physical disturbances and toxin load.

The E.E.N.® therapy is suitable for all age groups. The E.E.N.® Therapy is also very suitable for the treatment of (traumatized) animals.