Welcome to JouwWeg

JouwWeg came about when I experienced for myself how often my steps were (becoming) determined by everything but myself.
When all certainties around me fell away it slowly became clear to me. I could only take a step forward if it came from myself. All other attempts to stand up and move forward got stuck.
Not surprisingly, they came from what I thought I had to do, from what I thought I had to comply with.

When I had a moment's rest and felt with myself how I wanted to shape my practice as a therapist in the future the question came up: "what am I standing for? I heard myself say it in my mind... over and over to clients:

Nothing is mandatory here.
You decide what you do and don't do.
You determine the steps and the route.

The power of JouwWeg is exactly that: Your Way.

JouwWeg offers a treatment aimed at ensuring that you can take the step you need. Together. Supported and in a safe environment.

JouwWeg uses the E.E.N. ® method. It is a method that does not indicate one way, but gives the therapist a range of options and means to guide the client on their way. Take a look under the heading "working method" if you want to know more about what the E.E.N. ® method and treatment exactly means.

Love, Loes